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Do you have an important business meeting in another city and need a quick flight turnaround in a day?  Skyline Air Taxi can air shuttle you over the traffic to smaller airports without the lines and delays of larger airports with air charter planes.


The Skyline Advantage puts you ahead of the competition with our personalized Business Travel Solutions.  We pick up and drop off at airports closer to your business meeting or your favorite vacation getaway.  Get a free flight quote.

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Today’s fast-paced and crowded world, Skyline Flight Air Taxi, is a private air charter solution that revolutionizes business and leisure travel. On-demand Air Taxi Services have emerged as the epitome of luxury, convenience and flexibility for the affluent traveler.

“A recent trip involved picking up three people, all at different locations.  The three travelers were picked up in NH, MA and CT, dropped off for a meeting in NYC, and then returned to their original locations.  Skyline got us where we needed to be on time and without a hitch.  They keep abreast of current weather conditions and stay in touch with their passengers to keep them up to date on any changes that might be necessary.  The pilots are very personable and professional and have continually provided a comfortable flying experience.”
— John R. Siemienowicz, President Jay Steel, LLC

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